Hornet Studio

The Powerful Difference

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  • Subscribtion based licensing
  • 1st month possible as free trial
  • Licensing portal to check licenses
  • Monthly-based invoicing


Publishing Configuration

  • Server-based distribution and updates of presets for material , supports and printer configurations

Scene Layout

  • Auto-orientation for dental objects with reference to indication type, insertion direction and preperation region (optimized for supports) 
  • Automated nesting of objects on the platform



  • GPU-based slicing with near i​​nstant updates for preview generation
  • Direct volume rendering for 3D slice previewing 
  • Multisampling anti-aliasing with 4-point regular sampling grid

Integration With Other Dental Applications

  • Direct launch of Hornet Studio with export and management of printing object queues from other software (ZFXManager, ExoDB, others can be configured)
  • Recognition of dental treatments by reading the construction info
  • Recognition of the preparation lines and avoiding support structures in those regions


Support Structures

  • Smart support point placement algorithm which is based on a slice-based simulation of the printing process
  • Support platforms with the different types (solid, traingulated, grid)
  • Support platform cravings with parametrized patterns (hatching or checkerboard)
  • Editing and storing preset support strucutre, platform and cravings configurations
  • Automatic configuration with reference to indication type and/or material
  • Update of recommended preset configurations from the server (Resellers can add and configure remotely)

Computational Compensation of DLP Errors

  • Scaling (material shrinkage)
  • Offsetting in XY (shrinkage, overexposure)
  • Z-Compensation (print-through, overexposure)
  • Automatic configuration via material settings
  • Transfer funkction (grey scale for allowing configuration of anti-aliasing)


Support of Other Printers

  • Support of third-party printers with various input formats such as -photon, -photons, .pws, .cbddlp, .ctb, .pw0, and .zip with G-code
  • Download of preset configuration for known and supported printers
  • Support of custom-built 3D printers

Private Label Branding

Connect Operate

One management cockpit to have all your projects under control.

Shark Studio

Bust your high-quality production center for dentures with additional functionality with Connect Factory.

Connect Factory

Bust your high-quality production center for dentures with additional functionality with Connect Factory.

Connect Online

Directly order cases from your preferred milling center over the web.