Information Security

Subject Category ZAnGeSa information Further information
CVE-2024-21762 Fortinet FortiOS RCE (Remote Code Execution) vulnerability in SSL-VPN A vulnerability in SSL-VPN devices based on FortiOS enables non-authenticated remote code-execution (Disclosure: CVE-2024-21762). This technology is not in use in ZAnGeSas FortiOS devices; the security update provided by Fortinet is being installed.
log4j 0-day Vulnerability The 0-day vulnerability in the Apache log4j library, infamous for being a worldwide risk due to the librarys widespread use, is harmless for ZAnGeSa software as we do not use Apache components. Infrastructure components were tested on the use of this library and are up-to-date on current security patches. CISA:

Spring4Shell remote code execution vulnerability Spring rolls out an “emergency update” for a vulnerability, which might be able to exploited a simple http-request (Webshell and code-execution are possible). Spring is a java framework which is not used in ZAnGeSA software. Our infrastructure components are continously tested and updated. CERT.AT:
CrowdStrike Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) CrowdStrike is a vendor for security products and services. Customers who are using CrowdStrike products on Windows devices will currently face major outages. Systems with a CrowdStrike product installed (and having received a recent update) may experience Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) and loose the ability of booting up. CrowdStrike advise this issue is not related to a cybersecurity incident or malicious activity.
An update for the affected CrowdStrike products has been issued and can be applied after booting the affected device in safe mode and eliminating the malicious update first.

ZAngESa as well as its software partners are not using CrowdStrike products and are not impacted.