About ZAnGeSa

The art of dental design


Company Leadership


Sabine Stiller

+43 664 884 32 950


The company

  • ZAnGeSa is a software vendor specialized on the dental industry
  • ZAnGeSa was founded in 2016
  • ZAnGeSa is located in Austria with partners in Europe
  • ZAnGeSa has highly specialized employees to provide best quality products



More about our work

  • With more than five years, ZAnGeSa is highly specialized with high innovative potential and value to quickly react to market needs 
  • ZAnGeSa products are professionally build for milling centers, dental labs and dental practices 
  • As an independent company ZAnGeSa does not rely on big players and a good access to the dental market
  • ZAnGeSa has a strong CAD development team who is able to perform the necessary tasks and has the understanding of the needs


  • ZAnGeSa is specialized on digitalization of the dental workflow
  • ZAnGeSa envisions to increase the quality of dental products by implementing mathematical models and giving appropriate feedback